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На сайте вы можете найти: Скачать army of ages на андроид - отличный вариант.

Plamee Support Team Why so many updates? Захватывайте вражеские базы и собирайте ресурсы. I would give it 5 stars but now it won't load. FIXED Battle Ages 1. Plamee Support Team Bad game I play with my wifi. Hit equal level get 5 and hit above up to 10 points. I have to say I'm playing boom beach 3-4 years and never paid for anything. So I can't load. I use moto x play. Keep your u Battle Ages 1.

I lost my level Hi I have lost my level 30 and now it has started level from 1st its not at all excepted as it say update the new version when there is no versions at all... Plamee Tech CY Limited September 18, 2016 Please reinstall the game via Play Market. Great Graphics - like boom beach!! Описание игры Army of Ages: Еще в каменном веке на землю высадилась инопланетная форма жизни с целью завладеть планетой. Playing more you will find a lot of interesting features. But after an update I am trying to log in the game but it shows a new version is available please update. Contains in-app items which can be purchased with real money. Please help fix this and I give 5 stars. Middle of a war..........

Battle Ages APK Download - Free Strategy GAME for Android | rodmag.ru - полезные сведения.

No option to update. I have completely lots my level 30 and my alliance Indian fighters army now totally gone in the wind. Y'all get your 5 stars!! But since this new update it will only let me log in now and again as it says I need to update this game to continue, but I already have! Next when am getting into play store to update it doesn't show any update. Игра начинает выделяться из числа других стратегий с самого своего начала за счет оригинального юмора разработчиков, когда во время обучения на игрока нападают прямиком из космоса.

My alliance "Anarchy" was undefeated until the update error. Use boosts to sp. I can watch Netflix or catchup TV on my tablet and check emails on my phone over wifi at the same time without any problems but as soon as I start playing this game, it struggles and take ages to download or even freezes which is very annoying. Game is pretty good just take a long time to load when switching between screen makes it kind of a drag. Just try not to play it while driving! По сути, бесплатная онлайн игра стратегия Армии разных веков является игрой на выживание, где за каждым следующим веком следует усложнение геймплея, которое заключается в появлении новых зданий и более опасных боевых юнитов.

Train your military and send armies out to lay waste to nearby settlements and steal their stashed riches. Please help required guys Not loading! With tournament ending soon good luck getting a decent rank. Y'all get your 5 stars!! That really piss off me. Game is pretty good just take a long time to load when switching between screen makes it kind of a drag. Just send a detailed issue to armyofheroes plamee. Great Graphics - like boom beach!!

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